SecrureLive Services


SecureLive is based on four fundamental pillars of security; (1) Real-time continuous scanning to identify attacks at any time, (2) block those attacks utilizing a global intelligence base (3) alert designated IT staff, admins, website owners, etc. (4) case file construction and information gathering and submission to appropriate authority and agencies to stop and shut down your hackers.

SecureLive is designed to seamlessly integrate into a variety of platforms including: Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, E107, Magento and many other popular platforms including any php based websites. With a simple installation and activation, you will immediately begin blocking hackers and seeing reports of any malicious activity on your website.


Once activated, SecureLive's SCAN engine is ready for any and all connection requests made to your site. That includes real hackers pinging on your website or malicious bots searching for a doorway. Unlike other security SCAN which are based on scheduled intervals, CST™ (continuous scan technology), is "Live" and responsive 24/7/365, similar to an electrified fence. It is always on.

There are many types of attacks and new ones being born constantly. recognize all known attack and hack types and stops them. Almost 85% of hacks fall into these major types; Remote File Includes, Bot Hosts, XSS, SQL, PHP Attack, Serv2Serv Attack. SecureLive protects against these types including other more cryptic and isoteric hacks that it learns and adapts to everyday.


SecureLive can be set to automatically notify you or any team members of any activity that might be defined as a malicious or construed as malicious intent. You can even choose to be alerted on certain types of attacks only. Since the alerting is in real-time, it gives your team and the SecureLive team immediate notice for action. On some service packages, this may include locking down the site to prevent force.

All malicious activity is saved against a hacker tagging profile. builds report profiles of your attack log and generates a file case number, acting as your legal attack bookkeeper. SecureLive keeps score and other identifying data on the violators then forwards these reports to law enforcement and service agencies, as well as saving them for your future legal reference.


What we offer

Powerful Blocking

Collaborative efforts with Law enforcement agencies, ISPs and Hosting Companies around the world, will dynamically prohibit any attempts made by a hacker in real time.

Adaptive Alerting

Efficiently be alerted by email or text if malicious activity on your site is attempted. quickly maximize timely alerts for real-time schemas.

Powerful Reporting

Completely synergize our resources and relationships via premier law enforcement agiencies, high-end hosting companies and ISP around the world.

Robust Options

Professionally cultivate immediate security with robust features and easily adapt to your growing needs.

Online security

Proactively envisioned security based on expertise and cross-media strategies. Seamlessly protect intellectual capital without superior collaboration and idea-sharing.

24/7 Security

Let your website work with worldwide methodologies with web-enabled security and technology. Interactively coordinate proactive security via process-centric "outside the box" thinking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.