Server-Side Monitoring

Introducing "Live" Server-Side Monitoring Service by .

Unlike most other services that provide "cosmetic protection" by surface scanning once a week or in some cases once a month, is a "DEEP SCANNING" system offering protection against actual intruders and hackers in Real-Time.

Continous Scanning Technology (CST), means it remains "ON" at all times. Scanning, checking, monitoring, logging, tracing the activities all suspicious visitors and "Known" hackers cloaked or not. The advanced staging of the (CST), rates the intrusive attempts made by the suspect and once the score threshold is met, a live monitor will be contacted, notifications are sent to the site admin. If no immediate manual action is taken and the score reaches a critical mass the system can be set to shut the site down before damage or theft has occured. deploys strict preventive mesures and proactive action when deemed necessary. No other system offers this level of security.

Exclusive Breakthrough Security Technology Now Available:

Internet security has become an increasing concern for anyone that has been doing any serious business online. As the rate of online traffic mushrooms every day, so does the number of Call us to discuss how you can get this level of security for your business. outlaws and hobbyist hackers. When your data is compromised or services interrupted due to these violators, your main concerns become "how quickly can I restore service?" and "How do I prevent this breach in the future?". With our Unique Advanced Technology, we can guarantee the security of your site to 99.8%. With extra secondary "Website Locking" features, your site will not only ward-off any intruder, but in the remote likelihood of any foreign attempts... will actually lock itself down and initiate our exclusive "TraceIT" mechanism to seek and locate the intruders for prosecution.

Real peace of mind about the security of your website and your business!

WHAT SecureLiveā„¢ WILL DO

  • STOP Hackers in Real-time
  • STOP Malicious Code Injections
  • STOP Hostile Service Attacks
  • STOP Repeat Offender Hackers
  • PROTECT Sensitive Data
  • PROTECT Identity Loss & Theft
  • PROTECT e-Commerce Theft
  • PREVENT Website Hi-Jacking
  • IDENTIFY Criminal Networks
  • REDUCE IT Security Overhead

TOP SecureLiveā„¢ FEATURES

  • LIVE Security Monitoring Technology
  • REPORTING Directly to The FBI
  • LIVE ALERTS To dministrators
  • GEO-TRACKING To Identify Hackers
  • GLOBAL On-Demand Hacker Tagging
  • BLACKLIST Country/Network/more
  • CASE BUILD Legal Recordkeeping
  • ISP/PROVIDER Reporting & Filing
  • LOCKDOWN Features & Switches